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Friends Only!

Hey guys! For reasons going on in my personal life this journal is now back to Friends Only! I will gladly have anyone added who sends me a message through here but for now I think it would be best for me not to let just anyone into my personal thoughts. So... if you've seen me somewhere or just found me interesting or what not Comment here with who you are and how you found me.


Have a lovely day!
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Excuuuuseee me??'

I had a facebook once, I stopped using said facebook almost two years ago and I couldn't be happier about said decision for MANY reasons but I found out through some other people that some people are writing this on there?

"WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Press 1 for English. Press 2 to disconnect until you learn to speak English. And remember only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, JESUS CHRIST. And the AMERICAN SOLIDER. One died for your soul, the other for your freedom."

Okay if I *was* on facebook and someone wrote that on there you know what I would write back?

"hello, you are a sad, pathetic, lowly piece of shit" and I would press delete on that person.

Why? Well it's simple...

I have parents that lived in the US for a very long time... have you any idea how hard it is for a person to learn top speak a language after the age of 30? No? well let me give you a hint... HARD. VERY HARD. Not only that but my parents spoke it as much as they could and people got annoyed at them because they couldn't pronounce it correctly... I want to see whoever says this come up to me and roll their r's... go ahead. It's fucking hard on older people... But guess what? My parents understand every word... and if I was around them when someone even TRIED to talk down to them for their lack of skills? Oh man... Oh man, oh man... I'd get them FIRED. You know why? because guess what little person my parents are not stupid and they have two daughters who fluently handle THREE languages and you wanna play high and mighty because you had the LUCK of being born somewhere where you had to learn English?? Oh no my dear... I learned it after learning another language as my mother tongue and then I learned a third and currently handling a forth... So you want to play high and mighty? you probably can't even speak it right (mind you this not directed at anyone in particular... just using 'you' as an example).

Oh and guess the fucking what? No one EVER asked me if I'd be okay with them dying for me because you know what? I'd tell them a huge fat NO. I am a pacifist darling... I think armies serve a purpose and one purpose only... to prepare a country for war or to warn other countries that if they attack them they'll get attacked back... yeah the whole fighting violence with violence thing is PATHETIC and serves only the purpose of creating MORE VIOLENCE. Want to go off and play guns? Sure, go ahead and knock YOURSELF out... don't drag ME into it by sayin you offered to die for me because if that's the case then I'd say 'spend your time doing something more useful with your life... like creating peace for EVERYONE" oh... and when you move to the US not only do you usually get treated like CRAP but the army cares nothing about you until you manage to make yourself a citizen anyway.

Thirdly... Jesus Christ may have died for you... but sometimes it baffles me that people don't realize that NOT EVERYONE BELIEVES THAT! I for one don't... I am not Christian so get over your fucking little bubble and stop pretending that's how EVERYONE thinks. If you do? good for you, excellent... even if you know that whole violence thing doesn't figure int he whole Jesus speech but whatever you pick and choose the bits of that you wanna stick with...  good on you but some people are not of that thought, some people follow other religions and it makes them a mighty fine person... so fuck you and ALL that was posted in that pathetic, uneducated, lame ass comment. And you? you're a sorry excuse for a human being.

This response was posted by bonobaby  and I think she is 100% dead on... I don't hate North Americans and I have a lot of North American friends bu this kind of shit deserves THIS kind of backlash.

P.S.: Give it up on the American bullshit btw, I too am American cause I live in SOUTH America... Mexicans are Americans and people that live in Panama are Americans... go grab a map and take a look.

bonobaby  said:

You are totally right love, sadly there is a large amount of Bible Bashing, narrow minded, ill educated Americans who like to cry out like this and try and belittle the rest of the planet because OMG WTF BBQ!!!! AMERIKA ROCKORZ WE ARE TEH 1337 or how ever the hell it goes.

The irony in the above post going around is the fact many US citizens passing things like this around have the worst spelling and grammar going. I also find it funny the language they speak, they refer to as 'English', I am a citizen of the Commonwealth, as you are already aware. We are taught correct English within school, there is a U in Colour, Favour, Armour... etc. There is also the issues with Donut. Even my ENGLISH spell checker hates Donut, it is DOUGHNUT. I could go on all day, so before an American claims people can't speak English, perhaps they need to step back and look at their atrocious language.

Secondly, the Americans died for us? The Americans bloody get us killed, how many Englishmen died from AMERICAN friendly fire in Iraq and Afghanistan? Oh... and what about the Aussies whom are over there too, and went in under false pretences, under the guidance of a man whom SHOULD be tried in the UN War Crimes Court for his use of torture and bullshit to go looking for oil. Then, we can trace back to the World Wars, especially WW2. History shows, America sat back on their arse and profiteered from the horrendous deaths of others. Yes, America sold weapons to Nazi Germany and had companies INVESTING in Nazi owned companies. The only time the US stepped in was when they were bombed... until then they didn't care. Until then it was the English, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders fighting. Oh and did you know Darwin, in Australia was bombed over 100 times by the Japanese during the course of WW2? Did we throw a fit?

I also have stories from men and women I cared for in the nursing home, who fought/worked with the Americans and they were the most LOATHED people. Sure, some were good, but it was not uncommon for American men to try and snatch away the girlfriends/wives of men away at service, or... professing love and then going back home, leaving women pregnant. They were also cowardice on the fields. I know from my grandfather, whom was a plane refueler/mechanic for the RAAF, that when he was stationed in New Guinea during the War that the Americans were supposed to be taking their payload over the ocean and bombing Japan. They, however were too "chicken-shit" (verbatim from Pa Jack, so the jettisoned their bombs INTO the ocean and came back to base. Pa noticed they weren't using enough fuel, reported it and the American pilots admitted to it. In the end an English or Australian pilot had to fly out with them. I could go into so many more stories... but we'd be here all day and it would be a five page essay.

Lastly, the big 'Jesus Died For You' thing... seriously, believe it all you want, but don't go ahead shoving things down peoples throats, it is actually VERY UNCHRISTIAN.  A Christian is not supposed to be judgemental and is meant to accept all people for who they are.  Some people don't want 'saving' so back the fuck off, seriously.  My Boyfriend, as most here knows, is VERY Christian, very much so, I am not... I believe in things entirely different and in my own way, but you know what... he prays every day and I don't care, I don't, he doesn't care and you know why?  Because there are more important things in life than religion, it is called acceptance, love and mutual respect which is what THE BIBLE spouts.  It is what you spout in church ( I was raised Catholic), and yet you then turn around and abuse the GLBTC and anyone whom doesn't fall under your expression of GOD and LOVE.  Give me a break, the fundamental Christians are a bigger tool for Satans work than a real Christian, and their evangelical leaders are probably demons in disguise... 

I am also starting to wonder about the pope...
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open letter

This here is an open letter and it's sad it has to be one of my only non-friends post... but ojh well sometimes enough is enough.

So this goes out to Nya:

Lets get one thing straight, I don't like you... I think you're fake, lying, manipulating and such a sad and insecure girl that you're not even able to own up to it. I am far from perfect and trust me, in my teens I was probably all that to a lesser degree and with a better excuse to be so. But! lets not talk about me and I have to get this all out in the open and say you're one of the saddest human beings I have ever met. I was never ever disrespectful to you and on the contrary I went out of my way to be nice to you with consideration that you're a close friend to one of my best friends.

Oh, and you know what? to that whole klist of fakeness we can add cowardly too. Because I have you a nice and easy way for us to work out what it is about me that bothers you so much to make you want to be unkind to me. I asked you to express to me what the problems with RP were so we could solve them like adults and... even though you're older than me I sort of forgot there was only one real adult in the conversation, that being me.

This is basically me telling you how I feel, I did call you out on thinking you were fake and lying to me sooo I am sorry but I have been acting nice to you because that's the way I am to people but you cross so many lines and I am tired of being fake to you... and don't worry Rory won't turn into a goth emo kid... I have character diversity... even if I've only had one goth emo kid when I started rping when I was 15... yeah... you know like the age you act half them times. At least his was just a character of mine hun, about 7 years ago.

So now that that's out of my chest in a very polite way... fuck off and it's sad that so many people have this sad, sad, sad impression and even refuse to RP with Deanna because they associate her with you.

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